For those who hear voices

For those who hear voices
For those who hear voices

Auditory hallucinations or the feeling of being chased by someone are extremely disturbing symptoms, typical of schizophrenia. The most effective medications for treating these symptoms are “antipsychotics”. Antipsychotics have a direct effect on “dopamine”.

The hypothesis of the role of dopamine in schizophrenia sees the symptoms of psychosis as the result of disturbances in the action of dopamine in the brain. Antipsychotics block the postsynaptic dopamine receptors. This blockage prevents dopamine from activating the postsynaptic neuron,

which significantly reduces the presence of psychotic symptoms. Unfortunately, like all medications, antipsychotics do not act only on the neurotransmitters in areas of the brain that are thought to be responsible for the disorder. They also act on other areas of the brain and can produce very unpleasant side effects.

Weary of these side effects, some patients discontinue their treatment and face serious repercussions. As a result, researchers are constantly trying to develop more selective medications. Relaxation Anxiety is the most common mental disorder. Millions of people suffer from intolerable anxiety, panic attacks and disabling phobias. Again,

there are medications available to relieve them. Anxiolytics” are medications designed to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Psychiatrists and general practitioners usually prescribe anxiolytics, which are classified as “benzodiazepines”. Benzodiazepines act on the neurotransmitter GABA and have a suppressive effect on the central nervous system. In other words, they slow down the brain’s functioning

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